Talentbaum in Dragonflight: Blizzard geht auf Spielerfragen ein

Talentbaum in Dragonflight: Jede Menge Input von Blizzard

Es war eine DER Ankündigungen im Zuge der Präsentation von World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: Der Talentbaum, wie wir ihn aus Addons vor der Zeit von Mists of Pandaria kennen, kehrt zurück. Schluss mit lediglich ein paar Reihen Talente mit drei Auswahloptionen – hin zu satten Talentbäumen, die euch Experimente und hybride Spielweisen erlauben.

Zum Thema Talentbaum in Dragonflight hat Blizzard in einem Bluepost zahlreiche Spielerfragen beantwortet, die im Community-Forum geäußert wurden. Wir gucken uns auf dieser Seite alle Informationen zu den neuen Talentbäumen der kommenden World of Warcraft-Erweiterung an.

Dragonflight: Das neue Talentsystem
So sehen die neuen Talentbäume in Dragonflight aus.

Q&A mit Blizzard zu den Talentbäumen

Im Anschluss liste ich euch erstmal alle Fragen zum Talentbaum auf, die an Blizzard gerichtet wurden – samt Antworten. Im Nachgang fasse ich alle Informationen für euch zusammen.

When do talents become available?
  • The talent system becomes available at level 10 when you choose your Specialization for your class. For the Evoker, because they are starting at a higher level, the talent tree will be made available at some point during their starting experience.
How many talent points do you get, and how do you get them?
  • Talent points are obtained by gaining character levels. You gain one point every level, alternating between a talent point for your class tree, and your spec tree. In the pre-patch, at level 60, you will have a total of 51 talent points to spend, with 26 in your class, and 25 in your spec tree. When you reach the maximum level of 70 in Dragonflight, you will have 61 total talent points to spend, with 31 in your class tree and 30 in your spec tree.
Can I get all of the talents in the class and spec tree?
  • No, you will not be able to obtain every talent in these trees. Similar to the current system, max-level builds will have to make decisions about what to include and exclude.
Can I spend points in a spec tree that is different from my current spec?
  • No, you will not be able to spend points in a spec tree different from your own. If you put points into the Restoration Druid tree, and swap to Balance Druid, the effects from the Restoration tree will no longer apply to you. You will have new points to spend in the Balance tree!
How does spending points in the talent tree work?
  • You must obtain talents in the top row of a tree first. Then, after obtaining all ranks in any talent, you may spend points in subsequent talents in the tree (indicated by an arrow). If a talent has multiple arrows leading to it, you may obtain it after fully buying at least one of the prerequisites.
  • Your class tree may grant you 1 or 2 starting talents automatically before you have to start spending points, based on what specialization you are. These do not cost any talent points and are free.
  • Certain rows don’t allow to you progress beyond them until you have spent a certain number of points in talents you have access to.
What do the shapes of the talent points mean?
  • Squares are active abilities. Circles are passive effects. Octagons are choice nodes, where you get to pick one of multiple options in that talent node.
What are the diamond shaped abilities on the sides of the tree?
  • Those are a mechanic that, as of this writing, we are not planning to include. We will give further updates as needed, as we continue making changes to the set of features and mechanics in the system.
What are those talents with a small arrow on both sides of it?
  • Those are talent selection nodes where when you hover over that node, it will present multiple options for you to select one of. These choices can be either a new active ability or a passive benefit.
How do talents with multiple ranks work?
  • Talents that have multiple ranks will require additional points to be spent per rank of the talent. Currently we don’t have any active abilities with multiple ranks, only passive effects. The value of these passive effects may not linearly scale with points invested. You must purchase all available talent ranks of a multi-rank talent to progress further down the tree from this node.
Will some talents be in more than one specialization talent tree?
  • Where this makes sense, yes. For example, both Feral and Guardian might have the Berserk talent in their talent tree, while Restoration and Balance will not.
  • Note: We know that Berserk is not exactly the same for Feral and Guardian, but want to be clear that talents do not have to be exclusive to one spec tree or another because it is in the spec tree, and not the class tree.
Will the class talent tree change at all when changing specs?
  • With very few exceptions, nothing will change in the class tree when changing your specialization. One such exception might be Counter Shot, which will change to Muzzle if you choose Survival. They are both the interrupt button, but are themed differently and have different cooldowns. Keeping that distinction is important.
Is the class tree just utility and the spec tree is where all of the throughput is?
  • No, there can definitely be some throughput-increasing talents in the class tree, but the spec tree likely has the majority of them. One of the main purposes of the class tree is to give you a place to explore parts of your class that are not focused on your main role’s throughput (such as utility, or abilities that are more closely connected to other specializations), so we limit the pressure to make throughput optimizations in the class tree.
Are all talent points new abilities?
  • No, most of them are existing things from the current or past game, but there are also new active and passive abilities in the new class and spec trees.
What about the abilities you gain when you level up in the new player experience on Exile’s Reach?
  • Exile’s Reach is remaining unchanged for the most part, you will still obtain many fundamental class abilities from completing the quests and this content. Your interaction with the new talent system will begin after you reach level 10.
What about some abilities that are super important for gameplay, such as interrupt abilities, that you don’t gain from the starting experience?
  • We are currently trying to focus as many combat-altering abilities as possible into the new talent trees. This can include things such as movement abilities, interrupts, dispels, hybrid healing options, defensive abilities, etc. Our goal is to set up the trees and paths so that there opportunities to choose between different types of utility, but not to, for example, abandon all utility choices entirely in order to maximize your DPS. If you choose not to have an interrupt, it is likely because you traded it out for some other type of utility or CC that you believed would be more useful in the situation. The inverse is also true—specializations that do not have a certain capability in Shadowlands (such as an interrupt) may be able to obtain it by giving up something they currently do have.
Will there be some sort of talent loadouts or preset trees we can swap between?
  • Yes! This is an important tool for you to have when dealing with a more advanced talent tree system. You will be able to save and name many different talent loadouts and swap between them with ease.
Won’t people just go to a website and find a build and just use that instead of experimenting with the talent trees?
  • We’re sure that this will happen. We’re also sure that people will make fun and distinct builds that work for their own style of playing the game.
This talent tree looks very complicated and overwhelming to me compared to the current version of talents in Shadowlands.
  • This is a frequent topic of discussion for us. This new system is definitely more complicated, but also allows for significantly more freedom in you choosing what is important to the activities you are doing while playing the game. There is a cost to this new complexity and depth, but we feel that the benefits of the new talent system are strong enough that it is worth the cost here. We are trying to make sure that new players face a more limited number of choices in the early rows, so that you don’t have to wrap your head around the whole tree until you have spent some time leveling a class. In addition, the easy ability to respec in town means that you don’t have to analyze the entire tree in order to make immediate decisions, as you can simply reallocate the points later if you decide you’d rather be on a different path.
How much of my class is going to be in this talent tree compared to other add-on/extra systems like legendaries, covenants, conduits, soulbinds, etc?
  • We’re trying to put as much class related stuff as we can into this new talent system as a singular place to manage your character. There will still be some abilities that are granted to players from leveling up, but significantly fewer. We recognize that abilities such as Eyes of the Beast, or Astral Recall, or Teleport: Moonglade, aren’t combat altering choices you’re making, and you would be hard pressed to spend a talent point to obtain this ability again. Those abilities are not going away, they are not going to go in the talent tree, they will just be a bonus spell you get while leveling up. Other than that, we’re trying to put as many combat related abilities in the tree as we can, which does mean you are going to have to invest talent points into the system to get your current abilities back.
With the above statement that we have to spend talent points to get our current abilities back, does that mean there is nothing new?
  • Absolutely not! There will be new some new abilities to Dragonflight, as well as returning Artifact traits, set bonuses, legendary effects, etc. The new system also opens up some opportunities for you to get some abilities that were otherwise locked behind a spec choice, or to possibly have combinations that were impossible in Shadowlands, such as multiple talents from the same row at the same time.
Does this mean that I can get talents from any spec on my class with this new system?
  • No, there will still be plenty of things in the spec-specific talent trees. Guardian druids will still see plenty of tanking related things in their spec tree that a Restoration druid cannot obtain, and vise-versa. A Restoration druid can invest more points in the Bear related abilities on the class talent tree for more defensive options just as much as a Guardian druid can invest points into more healing options from the class tree. The new spec talent trees will be heavily focused on your combat role of healer, tank, or DPS.
If a Shadowlands covenant or legendary ability is in the talent tree, and I also have that covenant ability or legendary equipped, what happens?
  • The plan currently is that these nodes will still exist in the talent tree and you can obtain them, but your Shadowlands covenant or legendary ability will override it. You won’t have multiple versions of the same spell to cast, or double stacked legendary effects or anything of the sort. Not every Shadowlands covenant ability, legendary, soulbind, or conduit effect will be staying in the talent tree.
How does respeccing work?
  • Respeccing should work relatively similar to how it currently does in Shadowlands with you being able to swap talent builds around. As far as removing a few nodes and spending them elsewhere, we’re still working on that flow, but want to make it as simple and easy as we can.
What about PvP talents?
  • PvP talents will continue to work the way they do now, there will be PvP talent choice nodes on the new talent UI frame where you choose extra effects while in PvP situations.
What about the API for talents?
  • This is a great question that I’m sure our UI team will work out. You are not forgotten, addon authors or users!
Will (my class) be getting (ability) in the new talent trees??
  • Maybe. There’s a lot of work to be done still, and we need to be careful about how much stuff we’re adding to these trees. If we just put all 21 talents from Shadowlands into the tree, that’s a huge amount of extra stuff your character can get.

Talentbaum in Dragonflight: Das sagt Blizzard

Nachfolgend findet ihr alle Antworten von Blizzard in chronologischer Reihenfolge.

  • Die Talentbäume sind ab Level 10 verfügbar.
  • Pro Levelaufstieg bekommt ihr einen Talentpunkt für den Talentbaum – abwechselnd einen für euren Klassenbaum und euren Spezialisierungsbaum. Auf Level 70 habt ihr 61 Talentpunkte, 31 für euren Klassenbaum und 30 für den eurer aktiven Spezialisierung.
  • Ihr werdet nicht alle Talente in einem Baum skillen können.
  • Ihr könnt keine Punkte in einen anderen Spec als euren gerade aktiven investieren.
  • Beim Ausgeben der Punkte müsst ihr immer die obere Reihe eines Talents freischalten und bekommt dann Zugriff auf weitere Reihen. Euer Klassenbaum gibt euch ein bis zwei kostenlose Talente basierend auf eurer Spezialisierung für lau. Um mächtige Talente zu erreichen, müsst ihr eine bestimmte Anzahl an Punkten im Talentbaum ausgeben.
  • Eckige Talente sind aktive Fähigkeiten, runde stehen für passive Effekte. Und ein Oktagon gibt euch die Wahl zwischen mehreren Optionen.
  • Diamant-Talente werden wohl nicht im finalen Spiel enthalten sein.
  • Talente mit mehreren Rängen erfordern, dass ihr mehrere Punkte für den maximalen Rang ausgebt.
  • Wenn es Sinn macht, wird ein bestimmtes Talent in mehreren Talentbäumen zur Verfügung stehen. Beispiel: Berserker für Bären- und Katzen-Druiden.
  • Im Talentbaum der Klasse ändert sich beim Spec-Wechsel so gut wie nichts.
  • Auch der Klassenbaum kann euch mehr “Throughput” geben – nicht nur Grundfähigkeiten eurer Klasse.
  • Interrupts und andere Utility-Fähigkeiten können ebenfalls im Talentbaum landen. Wer keinen CC möchte, kann sich auch voll auf DPS spezialisieren.
  • Ihr werdet Talentbäume abspeichern und laden können.
  • Es wird wohl wieder Talente geben bzw. Builds, die einfach “besser” sind als andere.
  • Blizzard gibt zu, dass der neue Talentbaum komplizierter ist als das aktuelle Systen, dafür gibt euch der Talentbaum aber auch mehr Freiheiten und Flexibilität.
  • Blizzard versucht, so viele klassenspezifische Fähigkeiten wie möglich an den Baum zu koppeln – statt wie früher über Legys etc.
  • Es wird viele neue Fähigkeiten für alle Klassen geben. Gleichzeitig sollen auch bekannte Fähigkeiten (beispielsweise von Artefaktwaffen) zurückkehren.
  • Trotzdem wird es viele spec-spezifische Fähigkeiten geben.
  • Solltet ihr Talente auswählen, die ihr über ein Shadowlands Legendary/Pakt bekommt, überschreibt Letzteres den Effekt des Talents. Multiple Versionen eines Casts werden verfügbar sein.
  • Umspeccen im Talentbaum soll so ähnlich funktionieren wie aktuell.
  • PvP-Talente bekommen wieder ihren gesonderten Part im Interface.
  • Blizzard wird die API der Talentbäume für Addon-Creator zur Verfügung stellen.
  • Welche Fähigkeiten in den Bäumen landen, ist noch nicht abschließend entschieden.
  • Auf Stufe 70 werdet ihr circa zwei Drittel des Talentbaums füllen können.
  • Pro “Box” müsst ihr in der Regel einen Punkt ausgeben – Talente wie in WotLK, wo ihr fünf Punkte ausgeben konntet, werden selten sein.

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